Hello children, times are getting tough in unimaginable ways, but with the power of obesity and sadness, we shall overcome. also check out the Fatsad RPG

Added Best Unknown Games page.

Added Pool Review page, updated Channels page and doughnuts page. We will be updating Fatsad more often for the summer.

3 New pages! check out Fav Memes, Trouble and Alex Art

Working tirelessly on the new game: New Page

New reviews under reviews page. New video game under way: Click here

Finally! New Reviews Page is up, to help decide what movies to watch!

New comic added by Edward Zhang under comics.
Two brand new pages: Fatsad's Ubuntu Blog: How to install fresh Ubuntu - found here: click
and 70 new movie reviews under way, this will have its own site as well! This list is the most comprehensive review list of movies ever created. Movies will be from Amazon and Netflix alike.

Yes! Fatsad.com is now delivering Quesadillas! Click this page for more info!

FULL VERSION of Cop Simulator released: $1 Click Here

Random Images under Media

New review and story. Enjoy.

New more complete Cop Sim version updated, version "ARIES" - The next version will be the completed game.

Added new game "Cop Sim" by Creator --FIRST GAME TO BE COMPLETE.

New Farts under Media, its fartomedia

New Fat Shops at bottom of fatshops page. - HB

New Art under Art - HAPPY 311DAY

02/25/16 - Todd Story
ADDED New Story called "Computer Brain", it was lost for 7 years on a hard drive we saved after our computer broke, I wrote it in 6th grade and was surprised by the quality. HB

1/22/15 - Custom background by a Professional.
New Background

12/24/15 - Christmas Eve
We have updated the page layout for Christsmas, we are working a new page for Fatsad.

12/18/15 - ISpy
Thanks to Norbert we have a new post: ISPY - It's under Games.

12/14/15 - New Game
The creator has decided to create a java based executable game called "PoliceSim" The first version should be released in about one to two weeks.

12/09/15 - New Post
Added David's Story called Know What I mean? Also added 1 phatshop. --Creator

12/02/15 - Check out Fat Facts on Nav.
Updated the Facts/History file called Fat Facts now. --Creator

12/01/15 - New Story: Russians
Fatsad Records is working on an audio album with Alex, Noah, and Corey. ADDED "Russian Pandemic" to Stories. we were merely reporting the facts straight from the forums! Do not take a fence, but if you do, put it in our front yard. --Creator

11/14/15 - France
Fatsad supports France. We are eating french fries to do so. But seriously my step mom is from France and the people there are suffering badly. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. --Creator

11/08/15 - Mobile Up
Fatsad mobile is working: test it out on your phones!

11/02/2015 - Fatsad Shirts!
Fatsad shirts have arrived! Only $15

9/28/2015 - NEW REVIEW!!!NEW STORY!!!!
Check out our Twitch stream for a really good broadcast. Click here. We also stream live here.

9/2/2015 - Added our original game: Toilet Blaster!
The Creator and Housebaby worked tirelessly for many hours to create our own game: Toilet Blaster! Mind you this is barely even working let alone done.

8/24/2015 - New Story "Real School Stories", and a New Navigation again.
We are trying to find a nav that is popular, aesthetically pleasing and simple to edit. This is what we have so far on the left. -- New story and review.

8/23/2015 - MORE photoshops, NEW nav, NEW history under Stories
Please tell us if you like the new NAV!


++++PLUS! Ask Alex to Photoshop you! --creator

6/25/2015- Fatsad 2.0
The good old folks at Fatsad have upgraded to a desktop and mobile version of the site, included in the addition are "fatshops" made by the Housebaby, we've also moved our music to the main panel.

5/5/2015- Official Release of The Lamp-treatment™
The Fatsad™ Lamp-treatment™ has been released to the public

5/1/2015- FatFilms
Introducing Fatsad co-created films!

4/9/2015- Games
We made games... HB

3/21/2015 FATCHAT!!
We worked for 5 hours hand coding the new Fat chat system at the bottom of the screen. This will replace facebook messenger, and now it's easier to communicate.

3/19/2015 Added channels
With request, the one and only Housebaby will add your channel to the channel page with your name to get discovered. I can also put your art or music any any other media online too.

2/27/2015 Personal update
Our house burnt down and so updates will be a little slower, I've added the story "Spanish road" but in the mean time you can post your ideas for updates and additions of Fatsad on the forums, chess was a suggestion, so (almost) anything is possible.-HB P.S we also hit 1,000 people today

2/17/2015 Fixed some things
We fixed the chess button and added pizza reviews.-HB

2/16/2015 More content
I bought Fatsad so it is technically my website now, I've also added another (stupid) story and added to the jokes page. - HB

2/15/ 2015- New additions
We've added a chess program into the navigation bar and I worked for 3 hours adding onto the Oven Mitt Chronicles. - HB

2/9/2015- Update
There is a new story afoot, it is still unfinished but atleast it exists. we will soon update the music library as well. Meab... -The Housebaby P.S i now can edit the files from my home desktop.

2/5/2015- Fatsad is still alive
Hello children, changes will be taking place within the next month or so (probably) for instance, we've updated the music section under media to host all of the songs (all done on the spot so dont take it too serious) we currently have on youtube... except 311.-The Housebaby

8/3/2014 - Nearing Release
I realize now that no one will see this until I post the site on Facebook, but nonetheless I am almost ready to release the site. I want some more content before I do it.

8/1/2014 - update 2
Working on some basic things such as hit counter and adding the site to Google. Also I'm uploading some preliminary content. We're eating baby food.

7/31/2014 - Creation
Welcome to the fatsad website. Our content includes humor, funny videos, pictures, reviews, stories, links and recipes! I hope you enjoy, and don't end up fat and sad.