Trouble Stories by the creator

W. - My friend W. got into some trouble. She was having sex in a broom closet at work at her hospital, and her coworkers called the police. They proceeded to cuff her and bring her outside completely naked. She then took it upon herself to jump into the front seat of the car and attempt to drive away. The cop grabbed her and she punched the cop. I have not spoken to her since.

B. - He was a noble man, who liked to walk the halls of Centerville High School. He simply sat down in the school theater alone, and the security guards took him to the principal. He asked what race B. was, and gave him 3 hours of detention.

C. - C was once stopped by a team of police for "Smoking Weed," when in fact the friend was simply smoking a cigarette. They searched the area for 45 minutes and sent them home at 3AM and woke our parents. One of the people was disowned by her family and was not allowed to leave the house for over 3 months.

A. - This person was drinking at a party and walked home while speaking loudly, he was charged with underage consumption. The friend of the person decided to fight the cops and got in more trouble.

E. He was walking on the street and his bike fell over so he was charged with underage.

C. Was arrested for calling over 30 prank calls to the police in one month. When the record was divulged, one of the incidents on the record was "Fighting with Nerf Swords in a Park", something he was not charged for.

The police told us the most stupid prank call they recieved was for a child wearing a batman costume, the caller thinking it was really Batman.

C. One call was placed to the Police about a bomb at Revere Village Pool, which the caller then told the police was a prank. Charged for bomb threats.